Anticorrosive Sucker Rod



Patented in the United States, Canada and worldwide, the product is used for severe corrosion and wear of the wells, which is five times life of the general sucker rod, while the extended tubing life two times.

1.    The main parameters:

The coating thickness is 0.078 inch (2 mm), Heat resistance -4F to 176F (-20 to 80 )

2.    Feature

In the spray welding corrosion resistant alloy on both ends of the sucker rod, high bonding strength, the tools will not damage the corrosion protection layer;

In the middle of the sucker rod body coating on polymer anticorrosive materials, reducing anti-corrosion sucker rod production cost;

In the spray welding layer and coating joint note a hoop, to prevent corrosion medium permeate into the coating;

Smooth surface, no scaling, no wax;

Resistance to various acids, bases, salts and corrosive gases.


When hot wash wells, the water temperature should not exceed the specified temperature 176F (80 ).

During the operation to prevent collisions with hard objects and sharp objects.

Do not use a hard object at any time and sharp objects percussion.

Test Report by LSI (Canada)